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angelThis is my music portfolio

I have for fun included some material from my earliest days of tracking when I was creating on the Amiga (1992-1995). I imagine these tunes can only be found on this web site. They were only released on BBSes a long time ago and probably aren't available anymore.

All tunes are available in their original format as a compressed file (xm or mod). In due time, all tunes will also be available in a high and low quality MP3 file (192k mp3 respectively 56k mp3).

To download the files, right click on the icon, choose "save target/link as..." and select where on your hard drive you want to save the file.

To listen at once, left click on any of the MP3 icons.

When playing them in their original format, i recommend you to use XMPlay. Winamp is also able to play them, but not as well.

Song list

Below you find my complete list of songs sorted with the most recent first.





arrow Chip Ohoj 03.12.28   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow Command (demo music) 01.05.26   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow The Grey Havens: Talindra's Journey 00.08.31   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow Dancing Cherubim 00.06.02   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow Meditation (demo music) 00.04.24   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow Sirene Song 99.09.17   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow Illeus (demo music) 99.05.23   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow Toxic 99.04.03   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow Help us 99.10.19   192k mp3   56k mp3   xm
arrow Beatbox 99.10.15           xm
arrow Amber Moons 98.06.29           xm
arrow Xenon II Remix 98.06.12           xm
arrow Dragonfly 98.04.17           xm
arrow Sneeze (demo music) 98.04.14           mod
arrow Miracles 98.03.29           xm
arrow New Forest 98.03.15           xm
arrow Yearning For More 98.02.17           xm
arrow Kingdom Of Nowhere 98.xx.xx           xm
arrow Beyond Atlantis 98.xx.xx           xm
arrow Vanity 97.10.04           xm
arrow Autumn Chip 97.09.09           mod
arrow Jungle Juice 97.08.24           xm
arrow Ditch 97.05.25           xm
arrow Essence Of Life 97.01.10           xm
arrow Midnight Lullaby 96.10.29           xm
arrow Way To Eternity (intro music) 96.xx.xx           mod
arrow Bunnies In The Light 96.10.15           xm
arrow Through The Light 96.10.14           xm
arrow Archons Of Light 96.07.29           xm
arrow Jackpot Minds 96.06.11           xm
arrow The Fiddle Remix 96.05.28           xm
arrow The Jungle Escape 96.04.12           xm
arrow Wonderland 96.02.25           mod
arrow Vison 95.11.30           xm
arrow The Legacy 95.11.23           xm
arrow By Jove! 95.11.16           xm
arrow The Illusionist 95.10.12           xm
arrow Mr. Sandman 95.08.25           xm
arrow The Heart Of Gold 95.08.24           xm
arrow Uranus six47 95.08.22           xm
arrow Beyond Imaginations (incl a remix) 95.08.17           xm

Made with Amiga 500 and Pro Tracker

arrow Airwolf 95.05.04           mod
arrow Year 2000 94.06.08           mod
arrow Playtime 93.06.13           mod
arrow Cosmic Tense 93.03.18           mod
arrow Heartbeat 93.xx.xx           mod
arrow Control 93.xx.xx           mod
arrow For You 93.xx.xx           mod
arrow Ladies N' Gentlemen 93.xx.xx           mod
arrow Gismo 93.xx.xx           mod
arrow Battle Is Over 92.xx.xx           mod